blog post: alternative photographic processes

blog post: alternative photographic processes


…or, a lesson on how to feed your soul…

As I’ve evolved on my photographic journey (and on my spiritual path) I’ve learned many things…

In the early years of my career and learning process, it was all about controlling the outcome of the images I created. Much of that need to control came about as a result of who I was creating for and what my subjects were…Wedding Clients. Photographing weddings was a “get-it-right” one-time opportunity with no-room-for-error, and it had to be done quickly AND creatively.

It was a super-exciting challenge; one I always approached with confidence and passion that led me to become one of the top wedding photographers locally and beyond – I’m well-known for my wedding art…and then I decided to let that go.  I was serving others in a wonderful way, but came to realize I wasn’t serving myself. Eventually, I began to feel the powerful pull to do art for myself, in my own way and style, just as I had when I began to photograph weddings!

As I left the wedding world, I threw out the need to control the outcome of my images, and instead immersed myself into alternative photographic process where the control and outcome was almost completely out of my control in many instances, except for where I was choosing when to release the shutter. This letting go of end outcomes became a vehicle for self- and art-exploration. I thought I was happy while photographing previous to this, but letting go became pure BLISS to me!

But, to this day I must say that I feel it is so very important to have knowledge and understanding of the technical aspects of photography / cameras / lenses so you know what to do and how to create from your vision. So, self-taught or formally educated. Knowledge is the catalyst to freedom!

The photographic journey – mine, yours, the masters, the beginners – it’s all an ever-evolving process of creative- and self-knowledge.

Here is an example of one of my Pinhole (alternative) Photographic images taken in Provincetown MA:

Provincetown Sentries

What does it make you feel when you view it? I’d really like to know, and thank you for stopping by.

Namaste, Joanne Bartone Photographer / Zen Photography

Canon EOS 7D | No-dust 50mm Pinhole Lens | ISO: 400 | f/64 | 25 sec. | Images refined and enhanced for density + tonality in PS5

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