blog post: attainment

blog post: attainment

“I have so overcome the mechanics of my camera that it functions responsive to my desires,  my shutter coordinating with my brain is released in a way,  as natural as I might move my arm.  I am beginning to approach actual attainment in photography — that in my ego of two or three years ago I thought to have already reached.  It will be necessary for me to destroy, to unlearn, and then rebuild upon the mistaken presumptuousness of my past.” Edward Weston

Ego interferes with our personal and professional growth; it’s a constant battle to be aware of ego and keep it in check.

Edward Weston was a Master Photographer who continues to inspire through his work and wisdom, even thought he is no longer with us.

I am one  of those photographers who believe in mastering the technical aspects of photographing because it can set us free to create imagery that can astound.  it is my opinion that when you shoot in “P” / Program mode, it’s the easy way out. it’s like cheating on the test; all the answers are there for us, even if they are mediocre answers.  Program mode doesn’t allow for us to stretch our creativity, it simply allows us to create just like everyone else, and then deludes us into thinking we are fantastic photographers.  well, delusions will only get us so far in anything we choose to do.

Team Zen wants you to have success, whether you are photographing as a career choice, for your self, as a parent or an enthusiast who simply wants to learn to be more proficient with their DSLR.

Let your ego go.  take a risk and learn the skills that will be of great service to you and bring you joy. Zen Photography Safaris | Workshops | Retreats can help.  come join us.

Namaste, Team Zen | Joanne Bartone

Canon EOS 7D  |  Canon 70-200mmmm L f/2.8 @ 100mm  |  ISO: 100|  f/5.6  | 1/1000 |  Boston MA  | Image refined cropped and enhanced for color + tonality in PS5

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