blog post: inspira-Zen

blog post: inspira-Zen

“Inspiration is a different thing.  Through inspiration you start on the journey, not on any effort of copying.  You move on your own path.  Inspiration is just a challenge.  A thirst arises, and then you move.  Tantra says, ‘Be inspired, but don’t become imitators.’  Always remember that you are your own goal.” — Osho

Tantra” is akin to principles or ethics based upon Divine Universal principles.

Zen Photography Safaris | Workshops | Retreats was created with the intention to inspire, guide and inform people who love photography, no matter what the skill level.

We can derive our inspiration in many ways…here, i simply want to focus on the inspiration for our photography.

Perhaps we find inspiration for our photography from the beauty of nature, or the repetition of patterns at an industrial site, or perhaps from the irony presented often in life, and we can even find it through the work of other photographers – all are beautiful and viable ways to become inspired as we move through learning to see and photograph all that we are seeing.  the challenge then, presents itself with taking the inspiration you have found and integrating it into your own creative process without copying what you have been inspired by.


Consider this:

When you can approach being inspired as a challenge where you integrate that inspirational source into your own creative process, instead of copying it verbatim, you will have stretched, extended and liberated your OWN creativity, and THAT is exciting!  this liberation will then extend further and move you to places of personal and professional growth that you previously only hoped for.

The various practical experiences and lectures available to you at Zen Photography Safaris | Workshops | Retreats are designed to help you get in touch with and integrate your inspirations into your own creative process. we look forward to helping you fuel your soul and direct your creativity towards your own truth.

For more inspiration to reflect upon, please refer to our INSPIRA-ZEN-AL BLOG posts where you will find inspiration for your personal, creative, technical and business needs.

Namaste, Team Zen | Joanne Bartone

Canon EOS 7D  |  Canon 70-200mm L f/2.8 IS @ 200mm  |  ISO: 125  |  f/2.8  | 1/250  |  Provincetown MA  | Image refined cropped and enhanced for color + tonality in PS5

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