blog post: priorities

blog post: priorities

“We cannot see our reflection in running water. It is only in still water that wecan see.”  Taoist Proverb


Elusive time. we all need time, but too often we don’t make time to do the things that could make a difference for ourselves.  we need time to be still, to see, to learn, regroup, meditate, explore, exercise, laugh, be with people we love…  many people  remind us that we cannot buy back time.  where does time go?


When we are “still,” when we take the time necessary to nurture ourselves,  it will offer us opportunities that we couldn’t even begin to see all the while we are busy doing things.


Perhaps it’s about our priorities.


Only 3% of Americans make time to create goals that would advance their lives, be it their finances, careers or even their personal lives.  that is a shocking statistic!  what have your priorities been?  have they been leading you in the direction you want to go, or do you need to make, and then take, time to regroup and redirect yourself?  “but I don’t have time,” you say.  i disagree.  you can create and effect big changes for yourself in thirty, fifteen, or even in as little time as seven minutes; yes, 7 minutes.


We have a plan for you at Zen Photography Safaris | Workshops | Retreats.  we want to help you help yourself to prosper in all aspects of your life.  we know that it can be done.  come join us.


Canon EOS 5D  |  Canon 70mm-200 L f/2.8 IS lens @ 100mm  |  ISO: 200  |  f/4  | 1/250  |  Hopewell PA  |  Image refined, cropped and enhanced for tonality in PS5

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