We provide FREE professional consultation for your DSLR Camera and Lens purchases:

Perhaps you are unsure how in-depth your interests in photography are, or will progress to.  If this is the case, consulting with us can help you make decisions on purchasing camera equipment that will make sense for you now, assist you in growing your interests further, should you desire while making sound investments that make sense for you now and in the future. We understand.  Camera equipment purchases can be a daunting decision if you don’t have someone to discuss them with.

Before you head out to purchase a Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) Camera, consulting with us may be the smartest thing you could do.  We can assist you in making a camera purchase both in your budget range and to suit your photographic interests and needs.  Our goal is to guide you towards camera + lens purchases that are wise investments.  We want you to purchase the right equipment, and often times, it does not come packaged in the camera “kit” you receive when you buy from a big-box store.  What about Lenses?  This is the area of equipment purchases where we feel our guidance is HIGHLY important to consider and where we prefer you to reach out to us before you make your purchase.

“What is the ‘right’ equipment?” you might ask…  Well, it doesn’t have to be expensive, it just has to be the type of equipment that will help you have success while photographing.

Our instructors use both Canon and Nikon; both are established brands that you will surely enjoy photographing with and we recommend purchasing a camera of either brand for your budget range.

Our advice is free, however for our time and expertise we do welcome gratuities that will be donated to a series of charitable organizations – a PayPal button will be sent to you when we offer our equipment recommendations, should you consider our information to be of value to you. 

We support the following Charitable Organizations that are rated A or A+:

Local:  Animal Friends | Helping Hands/Healing Hearts

National: Animal Welfare Institute | The Sierra Club | The American Indian College Fund | Clean Water Fund

Don’t hesitate to CONTACT us with your questions – we are here to help and are happy you have found us, hopefully before you make your purchase. 

Namaste, Team Zen | Joanne Bartone