blog post: contemplative photography

blog post: contemplative photography

“If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change.” Buddha

Whether or not it is a single flower we approach photographically, or the abstractions of shadows and light, the point here is that photographic “seeing” goes much deeper than what we are actually seeing.

There is an almost intuitive seeing and a knowing involved in photographing…what direction is the light coming from – am i adding light to my subject or scene, or using the ambient light alone – is the light high or low, blue, pink, yellow or orange – how am i relating to my subject, or to my light – what or who is my subject – what rules of photographic design am i going to use as i photograph – will i use selective focus or selective composition – do i want it to be a colorful image, or do i desire the simplicity (or complexity) of a black + white image…these decisions are spontaneously and intentionally considered as you contemplate the outcome of your image oftentimes in what can be mere moments.

The mental focus used to create a photographic image  is nothing short of miraculous; nearly as miraculous as the single flower…but not quite…

I believe that when we can step beyond looking and move more towards seeing the miracles present in our chosen subjects and the miracles in the light and in composition, it can change our whole approach to our photography.

When we contemplate the purpose and message of our photography it can open our creativity to growth we never thought possible.

Helping people move more towards contemplative photography is exactly what we love to do.

Join us for a Zen Photography Workshop and create with intention.  An on-line workshop on Contemplative Photography that will be available by July 2012.  We believe you will find it to be of great value if you are looking to see differently. 

Namaste, Team Zen | Joanne Bartone

Canon EOS 5D  |  Canon 24-70mm L f/2.8 IS @ 70mm  |  ISO: 100  |  f/4.0  | 1/1250  |  Provincetown MA  | Image refined cropped and enhanced for color + tonality in PS5

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